Best – Guess Predictions For Intermediate – Term Home Pricing: 5 Guesses!

After, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New Year, I have come, to believe, perhaps, the one, reality, of real estate, is, it is consistently, constantly changing, in a variety of ways! For a few years, we have been experiencing, near – historic, low, interest rates, as well as, unprecedented impacts on the world economy, created by several factors, but, perhaps, the single – biggest one, being, the ramifications, etc, created/ causes, as a result of this horrific pandemic! Although, no one, knows, for sure, what will occur, I feel it might be useful, to consider, and provide, my best – guess, in terms of home pricing, in the intermediate – term (This period is usually, considered, to be, from about, two – and – a – half years, to about 5 to 7 years). With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 of my guesses/ predictions.

1. Interest rates/ mortgage rates: Basic economics, past trends, etc, should indicate, interest rates, will not remain, at their current, historic – lows, for any substantial period of time. It has already, existed, for longer, than normal! We are already, witnessing, inflationary ramifications, caused by economic policies, of the past, few years, as well as, artificially – low, prolonged period of this, interest rate, policy, etc! I would expect, sometime, in the next year, or so (unless some, unforeseen – stress occurs), for, these to riser, gradually, and, for, the current, record pace, of home price rises, to either, level, or, grow, at a far – slower pace, or, even, come, back – to – earth, somewhat! This change directly impacts mortgage rates, and, when these are lower, it makes, more expensive houses, more affordable!

2. From sellers market to: Historically, the real estate market, is cyclical, and we are, currently, undergoing, a prolonged, sellers market, with buyers, out – numbering, inventory! It would make sense, to expect, the trend to change, from this approach, to, first, a more – balanced one, and, perhaps, even, at some stage, to a buyers market!

3. Supply and Demand: Like most economic commodities, real estate is based, on the Laws of Supply and Demand! This means, the more demand, the higher, the prices, and when it dwindles, prices drop! Most expectations is to see, a gradual, return to the cyclical conditions, often, witnessed, and experienced, in the past!

4. Impact of inflation: Traditionally, houses, have been considered, one of the best hedges, against inflation! However, with the steep, recent increases, which have far increased the rate of inflation, wouldn’t it make sense, for, these, to eventually, become, more level, etc? While, many anticipate, inflation, in the relatively – short – term, we will probably, return, to more predictable levels, in the intermediate – run!

5. All real estate is local: One of the challenges, to making these predictions, is, real estate, is, often, local, in – nature, and, different regions, and, even, neighborhoods, out – perform, others!

Although, I feel, these are most likely, to occur, remember, they are, merely, best – guesses, and no one has a Crystal Ball, etc! Proceed, cautiously, and aware, and align, your needs, priorities, perceptions, etc, with your personal comfort zone!

How to Get Your Wife to Give You Blow Jobs More Often

Hey man,

My name is Jack, and I never had a problem with getting a woman to give me blow jobs. I know exactly what makes women ( your wife included ) motivated to get down on their knees and give you an oral. Not only that, there’s also a way to get her to practice more often and improve her blow job skills, so that she doesn’t only give you more, but also better head. Now listen up if you want me to sprinkle some of my wisdom on you.

If you want to get your wife to give you head more often you have to change how you behave. The problem isn’t in HER, it’s in You. If you behaved in a way that triggers her natural instinct to bow down for you and blow you all day, you’ll never have to ask for an oral again – she’ll do it on her own initiative, for her own pleasure! Men that are more self-confident, powerful, determined and know what they want in life and how to get it always get more blow jobs than guys that don’t. So get yourself together and figure out what you want. Then go for it.

In case your wife was giving you blow jobs before you got married, now she isn’t because you became BORING. If it’s not fun to blow you, she won’t. Currently, for her, giving you a blow job seems more like a chore, a “job,” then something enjoyable. There’s a way to “convert” her into being addicted to giving you blow jobs. How? Stop being boring.

This might sound stupid and simple, but the truth is that it’s the truth. If you were more of a challenge to your wife, if there was still something to “discover” about you, something “to solve” or “to figure out” she’d be ready to get down on her knees every single day of the week, and giving you a blow job wouldn’t be considered as “work.” You don’t believe me? Go bungee jumping, or sky diving and see how your wife reacts. Sure, she might tell you that you are an idiot – but that’s just what she’s saying, wait a few days and see how she’ll react. Save up money and go to Africa on Safari, do something different that the husbands of her girlfriend’s.

Next, you got LAZY. When’s the last time you ate her out like there’s no tomorrow? Or bought her lingerie?

Power gets women on their knees (your wife included), the more you get of it (power), the more head your wife will give you. I could write an entire book about this (and I did), telling you about WHY women give blow jobs and how to brainwash them into loving Your penis more than life itself.

For now, I’ll just give you 3 quick tips that will get you more head from your wife. I don’t have time to explain you WHY this will get you more blow jobs now, try it for yourself and you’ll see, just stick to it. Here are the 3 things.

1. Join a gym and work out 3-4 times per week for 3 months.

2. Take more control of your marriage by keeping your finances to yourself and by cutting spending on stuff you don’t need to a minimum. Save up money for a trip. Start planning it out now. Find an exotic place you always wanted to visit but never did. Figure out how to get there and get there no matter what. You can do it. This sound ridiculous, but it WILL get you more blow jobs for a lifetime. Not only will you have what to talk about when you come back from the trip, you’ll also learn a lot and be a more interesting person to be around. Not just for your wife – but, more importantly, for OTHER women. When other women want to get on their knees and please you, your wife will INSTANTLY have an URGE to give you a blow job ( better than her potential competitors ).

3. Last but not least – get in touch with old friends and work on your social life. The more friends you have that you can depend on, the more blow jobs your wife will give you. I know this sounds crazy too, but there’s a complicated reason behind why this works. Make a list of 10 people you didn’t see for ages and go see them. If you have no friends, since you’re working all day and all you hear is your wife nagging about the dishes and other crap, then you get caught up in daily life and get lazy and stop seeing your friends. After days, weeks, months and years of this, you end up having nobody other than your wife e.g. you become a loser. Loser don’t get blow jobs. Make your wife and, more importantly, yourself a favor and develop a low tolerance for BS. Go out with your friends, have a life of your own. Your wife may complain at first, but, in the long run, she’ll love you for it.

Oral Sex – How To Make Your Woman Love To Give You Blow Jobs, Yes, Really – Love To Do It

In this article I’m going to discuss oral sex.

In fact, I’m going to show you exactly how to make your woman love to give you blow jobs. I’m willing to bet that sounds pretty good to you, right?

If you answered “YES” to that question, read on because here is…

Exactly How To Make Your Woman Love Giving You Blow Jobs

Firstly, know that if you are giving your woman bad sex – she will never willingly give you a blow job. Women resent bad sex.

So your first step to getting lots of blow jobs from your woman is to give her great sex. Here are 3 ways to give your woman great sex (note: most guys don’t do any of these things very well)…

1. Foreplay

Women often like it when you take things slowly in the bedroom.

Kiss your woman, tease her and build up the anticipation before you go for sex – Oral or Intercourse

2. Use Your Voice

For women, sex is very mental.

Therefore, you must use your voice in the bedroom and start talking dirty to your woman. If you don’t, you are failing to stimulate your woman’s most important sexual organ – her mind.

3. Lead Her

Women like masculine, sexually confident men who take control in the bedroom.

A great way to show your woman you have all those traits is to lead her. Instigate the sex and then lead her through every step of each sexual adventure that you share with her (and yes, that includes the part where you tell her to “give you a blow job”).

So now that you have a better idea of how to give your woman great sex, start doing it.

Simply by giving your woman great sex – she will be way more interested in giving you blow jobs. Guaranteed.

But there is more…

3 Ways To Get Your Woman Addicted To “Giving You Blow Jobs”

1. Make Some Noise

Many women have told me that they hate it when they are giving their man a blow job and he makes no noise.

Your woman will love it if you tell her how good it feels when she is giving you a blow job. Whilst your woman is doing so – TALK DIRTY to her.

This will both reassure her that she is pleasing you and make the whole experience so much sexier for her.

(IMPORTANT: outside the bedroom your woman wants to be treated like a lady, BUT inside the bedroom she wants to be your “dirty little girl”).

2. Get Her To Give You A Blow Job After You Have Just Given Her An Orgasm

Most guys view a blow job as something that they get before they put their penis inside their woman.

However, things don’t have to work in that order. Allow me to explain:

Remember that a woman is most suggestible when she is most turned on, wet and very sexually excited.


Immediately after you have given your woman an intense vaginal orgasm, tell her to give you a blow job. She will be 1000 times more likely to want to do it at this time, because you have just given her incredible pleasure.

Makes sense, right?

Think about it – most women aren’t too excited about giving blow jobs and most guys are very good at giving their woman orgasms. See the pattern?

So you must make sure you blow your woman’s mind by giving her orgasms and then she will be much more excited to give you anything you want – hot, wet, sloppy blow jobs being one of those things.

3. Give Her Some Blow Job Tips

Some women are naturally good at giving blow jobs – others are not.

If your woman is not very good, she probably knows it and this will make her very unlikely to do it.

If this is the case, give her some tips and by doing so – her technique will improve, she’ll feel more comfortable about doing it, you’ll enjoy it more and both of you will be happier.

Here are 3 tips to take your woman from giving not so good blow jobs to doing it really well:

– Get her to start off by licking your penis all the way up and down and getting it really wet

– Make sure she’s knows to avoid using her teeth

– Get her to use her hand around the base of your penis and her mouth on the head.