Anal Sex – Playing It Safe on the Flip Side

For many individuals, anal sex is a mysterious, unexplored frontier. It seems that within our Western culture – as well as many, many other areas of the world, anal sex is often considered taboo. To many, it may feel “forbidden” or “dirty” because of the nature of the act, and can be met with resistance by one or both partners. However, for individuals wanting to explore this final sexual frontier, they need not experience shame or guilt; but they certainly should follow a few pointers to maximize their chances at pleasure without running into painful consequences. Read on for more about anal sex and how to maintain a healthy penis when engaging in this sexual behavior.

Why is anal sex taboo?

Everybody has their own thoughts and preferences when it comes to sexual activity. However, anal sex seems to get a bad rap more than other positions and activities. This may be because many people feel that is an “exit only.” Men and women alike may be nervous about uncleanliness, coming into contact with fecal matter and transmitting infection and disease. Additionally, anal sex often carries a particular stigma among males. Combine that with the high likelihood of a painful experience if not performed correctly, and many people choose to have very limited – if any – exploration with anal sex.

Is it dangerous?

The biggest risk that anal sex entails is tearing of the anal tissue. This risk is enhanced when the giver is overzealous with thrusting speed and depth of penetration – and it can occur whether a penis, finger or sex toy is inserted anally. Additionally, there is a risk of infection being passed between partners if cleanliness is not a priority, and especially if condoms are not used properly. Lastly, because of the higher chance of anal tearing, the chance of HIV transmission is higher if one partner is HIV positive.

Tips for Safe Anal Sex:

Go slow! The anus is not as receptive to visitors as, say, the vagina or the mouth, so it is imperative that anything that is inserted is done slowly, so as to not tear the tissue.

Use lots of lube: Both partners need to be adequately lubed, and additional lube should be applied as needed. The anus does not create lubrication like the vagina, so the more the better. Seriously, use a lot.

The receiver is in charge: A surefire way to stop the exploration is to cause pain to whichever partner is receiving anal pleasure. The receiver dictates speed, depth and quality of the experience to prevent sharp pains and tearing.

If it hurts, stop: Try to relax during anal sex and enjoy the sensations. It should not hurt at all. If it is painful, the thrusting is too deep, too fast, or not enough lube is being used. Anxiety and nerves can also stop muscles from relaxing and cause pain; and if a partner doesn’t really want it – it’s probably not going to happen very easily!

Always, Always, ALWAYS use a condom: There are likely to be traces of fecal matter in the anus – though it is not as dirty as most individuals would believe. A condom prevents bacteria from entering the penis and protects the receiver from any infections the giver is carrying. Because there is a chance of tearing, and thus anal bleeding, the risk of blood born infections is higher during anal sex – therefore the importance of a condom cannot be overemphasized.

Communication is key: Because of the risk of pain, partners need to be in communication with each other about their actions. Thus-talking needs to happen! Many couples find that anal sex increases intimacy simply because they need to verbalize their wants and needs to their partner!

Be hygienic: Nothing that has touched the anus should touch the vagina or mouth unless it has been thoroughly washed (I.e. sex toys, a finger, or a penis). If switching between anal and vaginal sex, a new condom needs to be used, hands washed and toys washed, as any E. coli that is present could cause a urinary tract infection, or worse. It is also a good idea to take a shower before anal sex – what a great way to add foreplay to the mix – and afterward, as well, to clean up the entire body. To further protect the penis, men should use a penis health crème after sex, and every day, to further enhance the health of their Johnson (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil); a high-quality formula not only rejuvenates the skin, but also contains vitamin A to help fight infection causing bacteria. Apply after every shower to keep the penis healthy and clean.

Adult Dating Online Services – Look Before You Leap

Internet dating services have become almost commonplace, so many adult dating online sites are trying to introduce features which will make them stand out from the crowd. One of the strategies which some of them have adopted, for good or bad, is to eliminate any idea of romance and long-term relationships from their sales pitches, and target the eighteen-and-older population for with promises of a great deal more than companionable walks in the rain and evenings by the fire.

X-rated Adult Dating Online Services

Adult dating online sites are rather like adult films; you know when you buy a ticket to an adult film that you can expect some rather explicit sexual content. Adult film sites are aimed at singles–although they may be visited by married people as well–who want casual sexual relationships without having to commit to developing a relationship with their “dates.” For those who are not able, or do not want, to work on a committed relationship, but want a sexual partner, there are many adult dating online sites ready to help.

Swingers will never be at a loss when it comes to finding adult dating online sites. Wife-swapping, sexual fantasies, and fetishes all have their places in the adult dating online world. There is a freedom of thought shared by those who patronize adult dating online sites which you are unlikely to experience anywhere else.

The anonymity of these sites give those first exploring them the courage to continue, and when they learn that there are others who share their sexual tendencies, they become less concerned about the stigma which may be attached to their activities. Adult dating online sites are one place where many people finally feel like they fit in.

Traditional Adult Dating Online Service

There are, of course, many adult dating online services [] geared towards those who are genuinely interested in finding others with whom they can build lasting relationships. Adult dating online sites designed to bring people together for companionship are one of the best ways that busy career people can find time to meet other compatible people without having to go on date after date.

If you are thinking about using an adult dating online service, be sure to take a long hard look at how it presents itself before you casually provide any of your personal information. You don’t want to be either disappointed, or shocked and embarrassed, but the nature of the offers you receive from other members!

6 Tips for Packing When Moving Your House

When it comes to moving a house, we suggest that you follow some common but important packaging tips. In other words, if you follow these common hacks, you can save a great deal of time money, and energy. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some tips that can help you pack your desired items before they are loaded onto the truck. Read on to know more.

Labe the Items

This is an essential part of the moving process. It is not enough to place general labels on the boxes. What you need to do is label all of the moving boxes based on the content they contain. The label should clearly state what each box contains.

This is important when you are opening up the boxes and taking out all of the items one by one. Besides, it is a great way of keeping a record of all of the items, which will help you save a lot of time and energy.

Pack the Essentials

If some things are required immediately after all of the boxes are unloaded from the truck, make sure you put these items in special boxes. Some good examples of these items include your toothbrush and mobile phone chargers. Generally, this box should contain items that you use on a regular basis.

Pack your Important Items

When it comes to moving a house, make sure you place all of your important documents in the same box. Some examples of these documents include birth and marriage certificates. Make sure that all of these documents are safe and secure.

It is also a great idea to put all your personal documents such as passwords in your personal bag. After all, losing your passport can get you in trouble and make you suffer a lot of headaches.

Packing Heavy Items

As far as packing heavy items is concerned, you have to be much more careful. After all, you don’t want to end up dropping and damaging these items. Besides, carrying heavy items requires that you maintain your balance.

It is better that you hire the services of professional movers if you don’t want to end up damaging heavy items. Also, it is a good idea to place heavy items below all of the other items you have already packed. Also, you may not want to paste labels on all of the boxes that contain heavy and fragile items.

Packaging Fragile Items

As far as packing fragile items is concerned, make sure you be extra careful. It is a great idea to use bubble wraps for packing all of your fragile and expensive items. Once you have packed all of the items, you can stack them vertically to prevent breakage.

Packaging Toiletries

As far as packing cosmetics is concerned, you may want to use a hard cosmetic case. Apart from this, make sure you separate these things with great care. In other words, you need to separate creams and dry items.