Why Using Social Media Marketing for Real Estate?

Your potential clients are using social media. Why aren’t you there networking with them? Now that you have an online presence through your website, you might think your web marketing plan is complete and you don’t need SMM – but think again. Agents who are neglecting SMM miss out on lucrative listings, and they lose the chance to connect with potential buyers who are seeking their dream home.

What is social media marketing for real estate?

You, personally, probably use social media every day. You just don’t know it. And, that’s why it hasn’t been working to your marketing advantage. You read and commented other people’s blogs. You use Facebook to keep up with your family and old friends. You tweet on Twitter to say witty things. You’ve watched many videos on YouTube. And, you’re a true fan of blogs. So, time to use SMM for real estate!

Social media marketing for real estate Choices

Here is a short list of just a few available choices of the popular SMM.

  1. Blog for Your Brand – share relevant content with your target market
  2. Facebook Business Page – make “friends” that are interested in your brand, product or services
  3. Twitter Business Account – Share your expertise by tweeting to your online “followers”
  4. LinkedIn – networking for businesses, including B2B
  5. YouTube – market your commercials online for free

Social media marketing for real estate Blog Content

A blog, which is short for “web log”, is an online journal for your SMM campaign. It’s your company’s opportunity to introduce your brand by marketing your niche. Your business blog lets your target housing market get to know you, who you are and what you do through SMM

Get more clients with social media marketing for real estate

Are you looking for ways to gain more clients? Of course, you are! All experts, brokers and agents have a passion for making money. Informative content is what gives you that extra edge in the market. When you provide free, relevant, useful information to your target market, you become an expert in their eyes.

When sellers are ready to put their homes on the market, they will turn to a real estate expert – the agent or the broker who is professional and able to market their homes. Even banks selling REOs use SMM for content to help them connect to qualified agents to provide them with commercial services. Content helps to connect yourself with your readers and turn your followers into actual clients.

Use Your Social media marketing for real estate Now!

Social media is where networks of consumers share details of their lives, including the businesses and agents and brokers that they recommend. SMM for marketing is a great strategy to have online users to share your listings, price reduced posting, announcing great buying opportunities, provide informative blog posts to gain authority within your network. It is today’s digital way of gaining word of mouth advertising to potentially millions of online consumers. Don’t be a secret agent! Every agent needs social media marketing for real estate to help market their agent’s brand online.

Real Estate Niche Marketing

When deciding how you will be marketing your property, you will have several options from which to choose. You can choose to market in a traditional sense to a broad audience, or you can choose to market to a specific group. It’s called niche marketing and the options are almost endless. Niche marketing allows you to be the expert and raise your credibility.

You might live in an area that makes niche marketing almost obvious, or you might be in an area that requires some in-depth research and planning. To get you started, here are a few ideas.

Some areas are dominated by certain ethnic groups. Marketing to ethnic groups makes sense, especially when they are anchored by a church and stores. You might have areas in your city filled with the rich cultures of Italy, Germany, India, Russia, Romania, Greece, Thailand, and Poland. Other areas are based around religions, like Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism, or Islam. In both types of communities, there is often a dominant building that is the focus, like a Jewish community center or a large temple. By being savvy and knowing your area, you can help connect newcomers to places that can make them feel right at home right away.

Other niche marketing can revolve around specific buyers, like working with first time homebuyers. Not everyone buying his or her first home is a young person; sometimes people buy their first home because of a life change like a big job promotion or a divorce. Other first time buyers are able to do so because the kids have grown up and they can finally afford to have a small home of their own.

There are geographic ways you can market, particularly if you have a feature like a lake or a gorgeous mountain view that you can sell to people. Some folks are looking for a home on a lake so they can take their boats out or that they can have a shoreside retreat and want someone with that experience to guide them.

If you live near a large employer, it can be a good idea to specialize in marketing to people relocating to the area. It can be hard to find schools and get acclimated to the area, so it’s important to have that information handy for your clients. Specializing in helping people relocate also gives you an in with the company to help get access to their new employees.

Another niche you might want to fill is marketing to people who are looking for green or Earth-friendly living. There are people who are very committed to their causes and want to be able to live out what they believe. Though most homes are not made with any animal products, you can still cater to vegans, especially if you live in an area that is vegan friendly in terms of clothing options and grocery stores.

There is also an importance for politicians and lobbyists to be catered to, as they sometimes need to have temporary housing or part-time housing options. Being able to understand their needs and find just the right homes for them is not only beneficial to their careers but it will establish you as an expert.

As you can see, there are a lot of choices. If you have an idea to market in your area that you think would be a perfect fit, it’s OK to go in that direction. You know your area better than anyone else, and this is your chance to shine.