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How to Attract What You Don’t Want Using the Law of Attraction

The title of this article is not an error. You may wonder why anyone would want to learn how to attract what they don’t want. Some might say, “I’m already pretty good at that.” And that’s the real issue. The Law of Attraction is a law that works for everyone all the time, whether they are aware of it or not. So it’s not a question of learning how to make the law work. It doesn’t need your help for that. The question is whether you are using the law to get what you want or what you don’t want. By exploring the negative side to the law, we can better understand how to apply the positive side.

One of the most common ways to use the Law of Attraction to attract what you don’t want is to be ignorant of the law’s existence. If you don’t understand that you, not external events that you cannot control, are the creator of your reality, you are more likely to attract a seemingly random mixture of things into your life. Now, this is not always true. Some people have qualities that make them naturally magnetic to getting what they want -qualities like energy, enthusiasm, personal magnetism, intelligence or a high level of aptitude in one or more areas. Someone with these qualities may not consciously be aware of the Law of Attraction and still be using it to their benefit. In general, however, you can always increase the amount of good things in your life by being aware of the law. This really means taking responsibility for everything that “happens” to you, since you’ve attracted it. This is the real issue. You don’t necessarily have to believe in the Law of Attraction or even know it by name. You do, however, have to be willing to take responsibility for your own reality.

Another way to attract what you don’t want is to focus on the absence of what you do want. If you want money but focus on your lack of it, you will be attracting more of what you are focusing on-the lack of money. The same holds true for health, relationships and every other area of life. The universe responds to what you send out, whether that is your desire or your feeling of lack. To change this, it’s necessary to be aware of what you are broadcasting with your thoughts and feelings. Keep in mind that thinking about what you want and thinking about how unhappy you are not having it are not only not the same thing -they are complete opposites! They bring you opposite results. Thinking about what you want will bring it to you. Thinking about not having what you want will keep you not having it.

Finally, one of the “best” ways to attract what you don’t want is to think mostly about the past and future. All of your power to create is in the present. The past is what you have already created. The future is what you are creating now, but the problem is that many people project the past into the future. In other words, they have a picture in their minds that is made up of how things were in the past, and they keep creating this over and over with the same words, mental pictures, beliefs and actions. So they are always creating their own reality anew -we cannot help but do this- but it doesn’t seem like it’s new because they keep repeating the same pattern.

To create something new it’s necessary to constantly be aware of the freedom that exists in the present moment. As Seth, (from Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts) said, “Your point of power is in the present.”

Hopefully, by gaining a better understanding of how you may have been creating what you don’t want, you can start to turn the process around and start creating what you do want!