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The Yoga Practice for Varying Lifestyle

Because of its growing popularity, medical experts were inspired to explore the medical faculty of yoga practice as potential non-surgical treatment to many diseases. The common result of these studies is that yoga is an effective physical exercise at lowering levels of anxiety and reducing body pains caused by strenuous daily activities.

The four key words one should know in yoga practice include asanas, pranayama, meditation, and mantra. While Asanas is the set of poses done in a yoga session, the pranayama is the practice of breath control in conjunction with the poses. Meditation is also vital part of yoga, wherein a person may opt to include the use of mantra-chant-or not. Its ancient origin comes from puja, a worshiping ritual to the elemental energies of life through prayer and mantra.

Thus, fundamental aspects of yoga include poses, breathing exercises, and meditation. The slow, gentle yoga practice provides a relax and calm state of mind, thus reducing stress. At the same time, the breathing exercises and poses strengthen the spine, abdominal muscles, arms, and legs.

But while many kinds of yoga exist in its Eastern origin, the one popularly practiced in the West is the Asana yoga. This kind of yoga, divorced of its spiritual origin, is designed to prepare the body and mind for longer meditation. Building physical strength and stamina are key benefits of asana yoga. That is why it is best for people with body pains such as shoulder, back, and neck pains.

There is a variety of poses that one can choose from depending on its level of comfortableness and flexibility. Such variety of poses makes yoga comprehensively solving varying body needs and age of different people. For it does not require specific body types nor fitness level, it benefits a wide range of lifestyle and health conditions.

You may find that a pose or position of a pose is just a bit too difficult, put it this way, when a child starts to walk he/she will in all probility fall. Does he get deterred? No, after picking him/herself up will try again. It’s the same with a pose, it may seem a bit of a challenge but as long as you are WILLING to try with grace you will eventually succeed. Your body will get accustomed to moving out of the ‘comfort zone’.

Just do little steps and over time those little steps will become larger ones.